Our projects

Educational coloring book for children

The earlier a child knows how the food they eat gets to supermarkets, the better. With this in mind, we published a coloring book for little ones, creatively introducing them to the basics of growing vegetables. Aistė Semėnė, an agronomist at Kietaviskes Greenhouses, authored the book, and Indrė Vaiciukaitė was the illustrator. Our coloring book was distributed in schools and cafes across the country.

Coloring book

Awarded at the ADC’20 Advertising Festival

We are constantly looking for creative ways to explain our production cycle. Since bumblebees are an inseparable and essential part of it, we made a commercial about them living in our greenhouses. This television ad was among the winners at the ADC’20 Advertising Festival.

Food waste project

In 2021, we created our version of Beauty and the Beast – a project to educate society about non-standard-shaped vegetables. Recognized at the ADC’21 Advertising Festival, this initiative also helped save over 100 tons of food in a year, which could have resulted in almost 200 tons of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. We sell all shapes of vegetables at supermarkets and also use them to make juice. Plus, we donate surplus food to various non-profits and volunteer organizations.

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Packaging revolution

Neither we nor our vegetables like plastic anymore, so we made the drastic decision to replace them with environmentally friendly packaging. In 2022, we were the first among all vegetable producers in Lithuania to abandon the traditional plastic pots used for some products. We also replaced the plastic covering for lettuce with packing made of 80% paper. The result? We avoided producing 16 tons of new plastic throughout the year.

Healthy juice

Tomatoes are red for two reasons. First, they are loved by the sun, and second – they contain lots of lycopene, which ranks among the most powerful antioxidants preventing disease like cancer. Therefore, instead of throwing excess tomatoes away, we squeeze their natural juice out of them to make healthy drinks.

Elderly support

For over a decade, we have collaborated with various organizations, including those supporting the elderly. Since we believe everyone deserves to eat healthy and age with dignity, we share the food we grow at Kietaviskes Greenhouses with those in need. We also support these organizations financially.